[Youtube] QUALITY VIDEOS [DQN][Part III] (848)

240 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9529 19:23

The joke of the video is that he's supposed to be shit-your-pants scared.
The sequence of expressions does not have meaning in itself, much like Jim Carrey's excessive facial motions in his 90s comedies simply exaggerate the imbalanced shape of his head and impart the feeling that his characters are annoying maniacs, which helps sell the really wacky shit they say, but aren't really a part of the script.
The line he cracked, whether taken as a joke or a compliment, is not particularly good. Extradiegetically, it's not supposed to be. Rather, diegetically, he's trying to diffuse the stress of the situation with a "pacifying behavior", in this case saying what comes to mind with nervous laughter. But he immediately gets self-conscious because this may have come off as an insult, or even simply impudent, and made the situation worse.
This sort of visible stress only means someone is nervous; it does not show why someone is nervous. For example, it is often taken to mean someone is lying, but she might actually be more worried that she can't prove what she says to be true, or that she'll mess up a detail and land in trouble for it.

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