Are 0047 and Shii still around? (29)

1 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7817 20:38

I've been cross-referencing stuff from the backup of Everything Shii Knows, old 4-ch archives and the wiki located on, and it's all amazing to me. An entire internet world that existed before I ever had a computer and no one even knows about. I mean shit, even Eternal September and the Meow Wars and other usenet garbage have some recognition today. You google world2ch and you find almost nothing.

The few sources we do have for this period of internet culture history are Shii and 0047, so now I'm asking are these guys still around? Can anyone confirm seeing them anywhere, really?

2 Name: Mr. 2 GET likes to 2 GET : 1993-09-7817 21:06

Shii often comes to my house for pizza, but sometimes I don't have any pizza so he pulls his hat brim down and moseys on down the track to somewhere that does have pizza

3 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7817 21:11

Oh okay then. So if I wanna bring him out all I need is some pizza?

4 Name: ( ˃ ˂) : 1993-09-7818 03:46

Yes. Leave pizzas outside for them. Sometimes they want them days old, so just leave the old ones there too. Let them pile up, even when health officials tell you to stop. Start doing it again after you get out of jail for defying the local authorities. Do it until you've bankrupted yourself buying pizzas and paying for legal fees and city fines. You never know when they'll show up. It might be that day before you're forcibly evicted or committed to a mental institution! Stick with it! They'll be there, I promise!

5 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7818 16:40

Shii's in Japan, making a name for himself in the field of pseudoscience. He has his own blog about ancient japanese bullshit. 0037 hangs around on his own BBS at

6 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7821 21:27

You mean theology? He's probably using it to find a cute miko bride. Can't blame him.

Where is that funny upbeat guy, Sparky... err, Sparky4? If my memory still serves me, he had a webserver on some ancient computer and ftp access to a floppy drive.

And that MILKRIBS guy, he have found my private little textboard where I wrestled with Kareha a bit once.

Man, and all other named and nameless users? How many of them are still alive?

7 Name: ( ˃ ˂) : 1993-09-7822 05:55

It's not theology. It's something else.

As for the others, I'm sure they're alive. If you call this living...

8 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7822 13:14

Lol, shii, permasage this thread please.

9 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7822 14:52

Hi, Shii!

10 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7823 23:54

>>5 I wasn't aware shii was running a blog. I thought he was just being a wikipedia sysop forever now. Where's his blog?

11 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7824 00:11

12 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7824 01:07

>>11 Thanks you. Although knowing his name is nice, I kind of miss the thrill of e-stalking Shii back when we did not know much about him.

13 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7824 04:30
You can go from subdomain to subdomain where he abandons one and moves on to the next project only to abandon it less than a year later, I wonder what his latest failed innovative subdomain is.

14 Name: !ESpeoN/nPA : 1993-09-7824 12:36

I don't know why, but there is a round of Shii's deanonimisation every few hundred days or so. Let's move on!

16 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7826 00:43

It's amazing how Shii keeps popping up everywhere. Even the SJIS Wikipedia article has a little illustration made by Shii

17 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7826 13:20

There was a page on wikipedia under his userspace called "my babies" that had all the articles he's personally responsible for, he deleted it though when it got linked here one time..

18 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7827 02:49

Yeah, it's like that. I can't say that I really know much about Shii to like or dislike him, but he's like an oldskool thing, a historic artefact, a veteran who have seen a lot. And I respect that.

19 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-7827 23:47

Isn't Shii the chair of the Japan Communist Party?

20 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8118 20:15

OP show your work?

I want to see what you got together

21 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8118 23:55

>>1 discovered a secret portal to cyberspace. He now lives peacefully among the 1's and 0's, studying their culture and customs.

22 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8119 05:58

This I want to see what you've put together. All I know of is this

and this

Which seems to be vandalized at the moment.

23 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8119 06:54

Did anyone actually go to one of his stupid book signing events?

24 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8119 18:37

Why would anyone? His books look lame as fuck.

25 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8119 20:02

Agent 47
AK 47

26 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-8120 12:13

Spargay is still being spargay giving n00ds to jaypee users and getting destroyed IRL.

27 Name: test!.CzKQna1OU : 1993-09-8139 14:10


28 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10496 15:08

Is Shii a she?

29 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10503 20:44

Shii is a filthy kike! He's greedy, anti-American, and Jewish to the extreme. Back in middle school, he kept talking about how he wanted to screw my little sister out of her allowance! I called him up on Skype and his gross filthy subhuman voice answered me. It droned on and on about how the rich shouldn't be taxed and how atheists and liberals (they are one and the same in his reptilian brain) should be executed, along with the Palestinians.

I hate him! He's dirty, racist, and misanthropic! I hope the Japanese student he's dating leaves him!

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