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1 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9138 01:31

Do any of you consider yourselves leftists? If so, where do you talk about leftism without being pozzed like reddit cucks?

2 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9139 00:33

I wouldn't consider myself a leftist.

3 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 17:16

Yeah. I like public transit and think it has more potential than cars, think taxes should be raised on rich people, and that we should provide more services and healthcare for people. I don't really go anywhere to talk about it. If I do discuss politics, it's with people I actually know in real life. These days you're just asking for trouble if you post about politics on the internet.

4 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 17:53


5 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 19:18

fuck no way too smart for that shit

6 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 19:21

I agree with the guy who said the 2081 letters A.

Also you can't just "how do you do fellow leftists" like that. You have to know the secret passphrase.

7 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 20:31

I don't consider myself an anything-ist, but I do agree with the left on some key points, like how we shouldn't be assholes to people because of their skin or how public transportation is a good thing. Where they lose me is when they try to say things like not wanting open borders and unlimited immigration means you're a racist.

8 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 20:35

I think that's hyperbole used by opposition to discredit the very notion of being a The Left-ist.

9 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 20:38

Earlier at the gym I saw two people sitting on weight machines directly across from each other arguing about Kavanaugh, whether he was fit for office, etc. I don't really have a strong opinion either way but neither of them seemed to be doing much exercising.

10 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 20:41

Anyway, it felt like a pretty apt metaphor for the increasing politicization of non-political spaces and hobbies. Two people shouting at each other, neither convincing the other, both of them doing nothing except wasting time and space and getting in the way of people who are trying to engage the space for its original intent (exercising).

11 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9155 20:43

Hmm, sounds familiar somehow.

12 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9156 00:58

open borders and unlimited immigration isn't a common position, it's just held by people who are very loud on the internet. Although personally, I don't see much wrong with open borders. In the US, we already have open borders between our constituent states even though each of those already has its own government and laws (albeit subordinate to the federal govt+laws), their own IDs and registration information, etc. On top of that, we already have open borders internationally when it comes to capital and financing. It's not unreasonable to extend the open borders that already exist for corporations to the people who work for them and make their money, IMO.

13 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9156 01:07

Open borders and unlimited immigration will be perfectly feasible once we have global communism and the only remaining reason anyone has to move from Warsaw or Beirut to Los Angeles is because they like the weather better.

14 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9156 15:50

Why is this being treated like a real thread?

15 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9157 06:10

It seems to really shitty to me that so much of your life's potential is based on where you were born.

16 Name: (*゚ー゚) : 1993-09-9164 12:03

Leftism Art Online

17 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 17:50

This post is a reference to "Sword Art Online" (SAO).

I recently watching what might be the "first season" of SAO: the Eincrad (or Aincrad?) arc. I have watched like 10 anime series in my life, so I guess I am not a huge weeb.

YouTube user Digibro has made multiple videos on how this arc and other SAO arcs is poorly written. Here is one such video on the Eincrad arc:

One thing I might disagree with is maybe the main character ("Kerito" or however his name is Romanized) knew some secret strategies which allowed him to be so powerful. Also Kerito pointed out that the video game characters are based on the characters' real-life personalities, so that could partly explain it.

I actually really liked the Eincrad arc of SAO. Maybe I would not have liked it a lot if I had focused a lot on the plot while watching it. Maybe if you don't think too much and just try to enjoy the moments of each episode without being cynical anyone can like it. Just kind of like enjoy the audio-visual experience, character interactions, struggles, and successes. Character arcs and actions may not make much sense when inspected to a degree.

Digibro criticizes the show because the main character does not face real challenges because he can easily defeat all the enemies. This main-character-is-overpowered point is not really valid because Kerito (the main character) probably would have been killed by the Grim Reaper-like monster if he did not by chance gain Yui as an ally. (Is Yui spelled as Yuui? Or Yuii? I do not really remember.)

SAO's Eincrad story has an interesting idea behind it: people get stuck in a virtual reality MMORPG where if you die you die in real life. Apparently it is not an acute representation of MMORPG games, and more like just a death game story set in a fantasy environment.

Some of the captivating parts in the Eincrad arc:

  • When Kerito and Asuna almost lost their AI "daughter". That was a tearjerker.
  • When that cute loli destroyed that giant Grim Reaper-like skeleton monster by using her giant flaming sword. That was fucking bad ass. I would specifically rewatch that part.

I watched the English dubbed version of SAO on Netflix in 2022 BTW. I mentioned in the past that I watched the English dubbed version of JJBA on Netflix. Someone called me a normalfag; however, I don't really care as I am not trying to fit into a secret club or something gay like that. I didn't really like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but I did like the "Stone Ocean" arc: I binge-watched the English version on Netflix. I don't pay for the Netflix subscription.

18 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 18:04

Digibro stated that he would have like SAO if he was like 14 years old and not an adult. I felt the same way about the "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure" anime.

Also the first like two thirds of the episodes of the Aincrad arc are sometimes kinda sexy. One or more of the sexy parts inspired me to FAP.


  • *and other SAO arcs are poorly written
  • on the Eincrad arc: IA item sword-art-online-an-analytical-diatribe
  • Kirito
  • Aincrad
  • Yui

19 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 18:17

>taking youtube reviews seriously

they will whore their mothers for a few clicks, and calling a somewhat famous work shit is an easy way

20 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 18:19

(@L_T`) This thread reeks of Mexican Apple programmer.

21 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 18:36

*I recently watched what might

Good point. I did appreciate the review as it pointed out some things that I did not know or think about.

Good metapost. Please make more! What do you mean by "Mexican Apple programmer"?

22 Name: ((●)トェェェイ(●)) : 1993-09-10410 21:49

>>21 Don't make me tap the sign [points at the big LURK MOAR sign]

23 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10513 11:28

Leftism Online used to be cool but the last couple of expansions have turned the game to shit
These days people play on a private server running LO Classic

24 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10513 15:14

The eternal truths and immortal science of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is integral to the theory and method of the great revolutionary ideology that will liberate all of the world's oppressed peoples in the face of all reactionary forces. It should guide the conduct of all those in true consciousness as the highest doctrine to allow mastery of and to advance the final struggle in resolving the inherent contradictions present within the wretched chains of bourgeois society in line strictly and absolutely with the ideas and intentions of the Eternal President, Comrade Kim Il-sung, and the Eternal General Secretary, Comrade Kim Jong-il, as our faith and creed, to paint, in a single color, a new era, on new foundations, for all of the human race.

25 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10513 16:22

Juche is so passé. All the cool kids these days are Dengists who haven't realized they've fallen for a meme trying to get away from a meme.

26 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10514 21:27


27 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10530 14:40


28 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10530 15:05

Incidentally, around the time I stopped caring as much about leftist politics, I also started lifting regularly.

Requesting permasage!

29 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10530 16:21

Read theory (Marxist) and organize online discussions are for 2 dimensional pornography.

30 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10538 19:58

the left-right paradigm is retarded and so is centralization

31 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10540 10:40

Ifm a social democrat, and I like the socialists in my country way more than the conservatives so I guess.

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