ITT we solve the question above us [Part 6] (866)

652 Name: (iœjĪªª²iœj) : 1993-09-8394 21:05

I'd probably just wear what I normally do since I already have those clothes, but I'd look into buying those things the Arabs wear that look like dresses since they look comfortable. Women's dresses always have crinkles or other frills on them that I probably wouldn't like. I might just go out in my underwear if it's really hot, assuming public nudity is still taboo. Winter time I'd wear robes and shit over sweats since it doesn't rain much.

I'm thinking of using my food dehydrator to make tomato leather for sandwiches that I pack for lunch in order to replace fresh tomatoes since they are very moist and contribute to making the bread soggy if left for several hours in a closed and non breathable environment. Is this a good idea or comoletely idiotic?

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