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87 Name: ( ゚ ヮ゚) : 1993-09-10531 02:39

it ain't called long pork for nuthin i guess

that's a dumb take. i finished the book now and it's not overrated. he's both eloquent and interesting. i can see why it would be awkward to read it in that context though.

a lot of people seem to hate steinbeck for the same reason, nothing on a mandatory high school list can be considered good. this is silly. some of those books are good.

i haven't read it. have you read heart of darkness though? i have. it's boring as hell compared to achebe. conrad is neither elegant nor interesting. achebe is both.

my own opinion is that european geopolitics seems like it was a factor in heart of darkness. it reads like anti-belgian propaganda. i think conrad also intended other things with the book, but "belgian colonies bad, british colonies good" seems like it was part of the point.

i would make an exception to "polish people never colonised anything" for anybody who became british by choice LoL

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